Did you know? Lakeview Associates, Inc manages 21 beautiful buildings in the Lincoln Park and Lakeview areas. We have unique and outstanding floor plans from large two-room, 600 square foot studios, 1 and 2 bedroom penthouse apartments with spectacular lake and city views, as well as luxurious 3 bedroom apartments on one entire floor with private elevator access. When you entertain the idea of moving, please keep us in mind. We would be happy to show you any of our apartments at your convenience. Please call 773-935-0240 to make an appointment with one of our leasing consultants. Allow us first chance to show you what we have available. We look forward to hearing from you!

Before moving in, you will need to establish the following services for your new apartment. ONLY the listed companies are approved for service.

  • Telephone and DSL: AT&T 800/723.9592
  • Electricity: ComEd 800/334.7661
  • Cable and Cable Modem: Comcast 866/594.1234

For incoming tenants at 620 W. Belmont, 2340 N. Commonwealth, 531 W. Deming and 431 W. Roscoe, you will need to have the downstairs buzzer programmed with your number. Your number must be programmed into the intercom system in order for visitors to buzz your apartment. Please call the Belden office at 773-935-0240 with your new telephone number. Please allow 48 business hours for the telephone number to be programmed.

For incoming tenants at 2738 N. Pine Grove, you will need to plug a phone into the wall in order for your buzzer to work. Paying for landline service is not necessary. Access to the building is given from the tenant by pressing #9 on your telephone pad.

To obtain resident parking permit stickers, call your local Alderman's office. Contact information may be found on your respective property's page.